Seven is a very symbolical number in the Scripture. It is a number attributed to completeness and a harbinger of blessings for believers. The power and mystery of number seven as explored in the Book of Psalms is explained in this book made for those seeking to know why David was so dear to the Almighty God.
Wale Owoeye, the mystic poet from the heart of the Sahara made notes on seven serial poems ending with seven in SEVEN PERFECT PSALMS; filled with nuggets about how to use the words of the Scripture to set matter in motion. It is a book that will enlighten readers/listeners about David’s devotional; written for people of all faiths to enjoy in rhapsody with the Almighty God.
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Seven Perfect Psalms

Seven Perfect Psalms

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Madiba remains an iconic figure in our time. Resolute, Sagacious and Humane, Mandela’s sacrifices for freedom during his lifetime made him more than a man but a prophet of progress. It is why he was celebrated the world over during the remaining years of his life and why he looms larger than life even in transition.
MANDELA-IN MEMORIAM by Wale Owoeye celebrates the life of this great icon in sparkling verses made as a memorial for his selfless legacies of leadership. Narrated by Ronald Clarkson, the man with the golden voice, the book is for all who admired who Mandela was and for those who shared his vision of self determination.
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Carla Jakes, America’s super sex killer, is brought to life in this hot audio book produced by none other than the famous Zhanna Hamilton.
Featuring the five stories that make up Exotic Fruit Series, each story narrated by different deluxe VO will make your blood burn as you listen to it.
Strawberry, Cucumber, Wild Grapes, Pomegranates and Bananas are exotic treats to be savored alone or with a naughty mate. Rosalie Banks outdid herself and her feminarchy theories in the book.
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David, the King of Israel was not an ordinary man. Aside from being a king over a vast empire, he was also a religious poet whose verses compiled into a book called The Book of Psalms remains a contemporary literature even after thousands of years. A feature in most religions of the world, psalms are studied for the devotion, depth and wisdom imbued in their verses.
A mystic and scholar from the heart of the Sahara has made a distillation of the psalms in a form to be enjoyed by people of all faiths. Titled ELEVEN PERFECT PSALMS, Wale Owoeye made an easy to read critique of eleven psalms ending in the series of 11, starting from Psalm 11 and ending at Psalm 111.
The audio book is narrated by who made a sparkling edition that readers will love to listen to. Get yours on Audible, iTunes and Amazon to experience the depth of David’s devotion to God and become the man or woman after God’s heart.

Man is free but goes everywhere in bondage. This is a paradox that remains relevant to humanity even in today’s super jet age. But to three extraordinary writers, they believe ultimate freedom lies in sexual liberation.
To feel the torque of their nasty beliefs, then you are encouraged to download BONDAGE (An Anthology of BDSM) as produced by the prolific and famous Zhanna Hamilton. Three erotic stories SHACKLES, MANACLES AND CHAINS narrated by three exotic VO’s will leave you with a hard on and make you more enlightened about the nature of freedom from BONDAGE….

Are you a Christian who needs the intervention of God in your life, business, endeavors, marriage etc? Do you want answers and solutions to the problems assuaging your spiritual existence? Or do you simply desire a closer relationship with God? All you need is to know how to pray.
Yes a lot of Christians do not know how to pray effectively. We mumble words that lack spiritual substance or utter requests based on mundane inspirations. It is why our problems persist and why it seems God is far away from us.
100 PRAYER POINTS by E.A Adeboye, the anointed man of God is the bridge builder between you and God. The book, which is a compilation of 100 of his many prayer points, is made to help you find your voice of prayer when at the battlefronts of intercession. It is a work of miracle to make you find your miracles.
Set in 10 headings of 10 prayer points each, the book available in Kindle, paperback and Audio version as narrated by William Butler is waiting to open heavens for you. Get yours on Amazon, Audible and ITunes store to experience divine connection and unspeakable miracles

Mary Jade Monroe, our avant garde poet again duets with Melissa Leventhal, the deluxe VO who made MERMAID with her to release another classic entitled SERAPH (Collected Poems) about angels.
The extraordinary book in three sections of six poems each titled Faith, Love and Signs is the ideal escape into celestial trajectories to fellowship with the Divine. Crafted with wisdom, lyrics and romance, SERAPH (Collected Poems) will lift you up and make you light.
As usual, Melissa Leventhal narrated the poems with her silky voice that melts the stoniest of hearts…Get your copy on, ITunes Store and Amazon.



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There is definitely something stirring in having a stranger narrate a sultry story to one in the exclusiveness of one’s earpiece. Sometimes the feeling is heady and preternatural. The way the Voice Over (VO) describes the scene, inflecting on the mood as it is reflected in the book can make the skin tingle; while the pace the VO adopts in the narration gives double pleasure to the listener , who not only sees the text as he or she reads but also experiences the pleasure of storytelling.
This experience awaits our readers/listeners in the release of GOTHIC GROVELS on Audible. Expertly narrated by Michael Vasicek who told the stories like a professional actor that he is, GOTHIC GROVELS is the audio book you need to laugh and enjoy your leisure. Teasing and titillating to the core, get your copies to know why Halloween Nights is a night to dread and celebrate…
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We are happy to announce the unveiling of three of our titles on Audible. MERMAID as written by Mary Jade Monroe and narrated by Melissa Leventhal.ELEVEN PERFECT PSALMS as written by the mystic poet from the heart of the Sahara, Wale Owoeye and narrated by John Steele and finally MANDELA-IN MEMORIAM, the stirring dirge as written by Wale Owoeye and perfectly narrated by Richard Clarkson. You can get them all on Audible, Amazon and iTunes stores.


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Do you believe in angels?
Mary Jade Monroe, author of MERMAID, comes out with a bang in this new release written to explore the mystery behind the mystical beings called Seraphs. Set in a triad of six poems each, it is a book that will change your perspective about the world, filled with magic, love and escape found no where else in the world.


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