Michele knelt before Carla’s opened legs and held up the cucumber which looked firm and green in her hand. The sight stimulated Carla to twitch in the slit, quickened in excitement at its devilish size. She sucked on its cap in simulation of sucking a dildo, licking at its sides with her long tongue and moaning wildly to the air. Then just as unexpected as her tease she placed the moistened tip at the dampened cunt of Carla and slowly began to bore it in inch by inch. Carla upon this assault grabbed tight at the pillow under her head and let out a groan of pleasure.

“Michele please! Deeper, deeper, deeper Mich…” she continued to moan as Michele began to burrow inside her cunt with the hard cucumber, bending down at intervals to lick at the leaking cream around Carla’s cunt and to nibble at her inflamed clit as she thrust. With the oversize vegetable in her hand she became a savage treating a savage to a savage time…

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