Wild Grapes

Time to put me in my purificatory throes, Mariams.”

Abdul Malik stepped forward and held his back straight, looking lost and helpless in the glory of his full and furious manhood. Michele, learned like her mate in Arabian erotic mystiques, fell on her knees in front of his stiff cock while Carla stood behind him with a twined camel whip in hand, poised to strike. Then with a practiced swipe of her hand Carla began to lash at him just as Michele sucked him hard in front. Whip! Whip! Whip! So did the camel leach strike on Abdul Malik’s back, leaving welts across his back and buttocks, splashed in a moment with blood. He groaned under the erotic torture, grabbing at Michele’s head to jerk violently on his hard rock cock, asking for more from Carla as the pain seared through his skin to titillate him.

“More. Faster. Harder. Yes this is it. This is paradise. I am in paradise. Deeper. Lash me faster Mariam. Suck me harder.”

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