Can we meet you?

My name is Rosalie Banks. I am writer of erotica. A Leo and a practicing Buddhist; I express my imaginations through my art, contained in graphic details in my books.

How many books have you authored till date?

I have written three sequels of five short stories each. My first release is titled Naked Rose Series about a vixen heroine I created to explore the wild aspect of music videos and celebrity lifestyles. The series are named after seasons and also has a bonus story called Birthday Bang where I fantasized on a favorite star of mine. They are all available on and all online bookstores for those who wants to know the foundation of feminarchy-my creed of sexual freedom for women.

My second offering is titled Exotic Fruits Series, comprising another five titles. Exotic Fruits Series introduces my greatest creation till date, an heroine called Carla Jakes who is an hybrid of James Bond and Pamela Anderson. In explosive five titles, we are acquainted with a slut killer trained by the CIA to execute America’s enemies of state.

The sequel to this series is entitled Exotic Flavor Series, comprising five hot titles named after America’s favorite flavors. I leave it to the readers to feedback on these books as I gave it a gothic feel that many readers will react to. Sexy, sharp and suspenseful, Carla Jakes will make readers fall in love with her.

Presently, I worked with two writers to author an anthology of short stories. Titled BONDAGE and strictly written on BDSM themes, it is a racy book that I was delighted to be part of. I have no doubt readers will shiver to read the book, pinning for more.

What inspires your artistry?

I draw inspiration to write from a lot of things. Depending on the book, I like to explore my characters and plots till they sharp edged; so to find inspiration I do or seek different things. It could be a book I read, a news clip, a movie; even road side gossip can form the kernel of a stoty I write. I enjoy serenity of a deserted beach or park when planning for my stories. Cemeteries too when I want the work to be gothic and eerie.

Who are your favorite authors?

Oh I have a lot. I love Annie Rice’s sensual prose. I enjoy reading Michael Crichton; he is the best American brand for me (after Rosalie Banks of course, she smiles). I love Ernest Hemingway, Richard Wright, James Hadley Chase, Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, J.R.R Tolkien. Edgar Allan Poe, William Blake, the Scripture and many others I can’t fully recount. I read a lot so I have many authors I dig and some I don’t.

What about your favorite movies?

I am a visual person so I love movie with color and twists. I have seen quite a lot too. Pulp Fiction, Dornie Darko, Legend of the Fall, King Kong, Coming To America… but above all, I think my most favorite movie of all time is a French flick I saw years ago with the title “In all innocence”. I’m still looking to see that movie again.

So if Rosalie Banks isn’t writing what else does she do? 

I love taking long walks across beaches. I love to sit under the maple tree at the front of my father’s house in Illinois to watch the birds. I love to read thrillers in the dark. I love looking through book stacks in libraries, vacillating on the ones to pick. I love to sun bath in the nude. I love to make love.

Are you working on any new project?

Yes I am working on my debut full length novel titled ‘Gomorrah-The Apocalypse’. This is modeled on the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible but set in modern day New York. By the sidei am also working on the sequel to Carla Jakes mission-eroticas. Titled Exotic Designs, it promises to be panties wetting and tingling experience for the exotic series fans.

Also I just completed my story for another anthology edited by Calvin Smith. It is titled Halloween Haunts in the book GOTHIC GROVELS. America will be shocked by that book when it is released. That’s it for now.

If I may ask, why does Rosalie Banks seem to hide her identity? Your picture on your author’s page is a mystery just as on other social media platforms. Why the mystery?

Well, the mystery can’t be helped. Personally, I love the mystique attached to my identity as an author of erotica. It not only protects my social standing as a smut writer in our very puritanical world; it also affords my fans an opportunity to fix their preferred images to my face. I could be fat, slim, ugly or cute but they all know I’m a wild writer and that for me is everything. To me im,age is nothing, art is everything.

What is your take on e-book explosion as well as indie author’s opportunity to excel in the competitive market?

E-reading is the future of literature; therefore the explosion we see in the publishing industry is only natural accompaniment to the change. Nowadays, everybody reads on their phones, tablets and various e-devices and the trend will continue into the future. And to me, erotica is the hottest market out there. Better than porn in more ways than ten.

Finally, any words for your numerous fans? 

I wish all my fans happiness and love. Make love with passion. Read my erotica with abandon. And most of all, get the latest copy of your favorite girl’s book called BONDAGE. It is selling fast on And make sure you review it without holding anything back. See you soon. Thank you

Thanks for your time Ms. Banks

Welcome you are

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