Mary Jade Monroe’s Exclusive Interview with Pipit Inc.

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-Can we meet you?

My name is Mary Jade Monroe. I am poetess who publishes under Pipit Inc. I am a Pisces and a hybrid Christian/ Scientist. Anything else? Oh I love my golden fish, Shark (she smiles).

– How many book have you authored till date?

I wrote my debut Mermaid when I was in high school but I published it last year. Following this I released a trilogy of my poetica-erotica books titled Sultry Letters. In this series I have Stolen Kisses, Fireflies and finally Vanilla Pudding. It is a classic to me in that the poems are written in the form of sexy letters to my many lovers. It is a book that gives me the jones anytime I read it. So smutty I must have been in Venus when I wrote it (Smiles).
I also recently released the sequel to Mermaid in my mythological-poetica series. The book is titled Seraph (Collected Poems) and I so love this book. It fuses romance with religious themes to celebrate angels. It is a book that will last for a millennium I assure you. Powerful like its sister Mermaid. That’s it for now.

Where do you draw inspiration for your poetry?

It depends. Sometimes I just travel deep inside of me through silent projection. I extract my words from my well of past fantasies here. Then I could go out to sightsee. I love beaches a lot. Most of Mermaid came from my trips to the beaches. I draw inspiration from movie too. Deep movies. And also from artworks- murals and sculptures. Inspiration for poetry is innate I would say.

-Do you have favorite poets or poetess’?

Sure. I love Song of Solomon to start. It’s where poetica-erotica took its source. Pure and unadulterated love expressed on papyrus. I read Song of Songs every time. So Solomon is my fave. I love William Blake’s poetry too. Dark and mystical. I love an African poet called Wole Soyinka. His verses are haunting and original. Take ‘Night’ for example. Robert Frost is also my man. A pioneer. D.H Lawrence. A deamonic genius, to quote an American writer’s description of Richard Wright; another of my favorite poets. For female poets I will say Anne Morrow Lindberg. I love her lucid lines of metaphorical lyrics. I love Maya Angelou…they are just too many to mention.

-What about movies? Any favorite actor or actress?

I love movies. My favorites are too many to be listed. I am a romantic so I love movies with deep romantic story lines. Titanic, Legend of the Falls, Jungle Fever, The Notebook… don’t mind me please. I am a love addict. My favorite actors? Al Pacino, Nicholas Cage, Kevin Costner, Lernado Di Caprio, Morgan Freeman…American actors rock! And for actresses I totally adore Nicole Kidman. She’s a queen of telescreen. I love Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Nia Long and of course my namesake, Marilyn Monroe. Oh I adore a lot of screen divas. There are foreign movies I love too. Chinese flicks particularly. Always so deep and cultural. And French movies too.

-If Ms. Mary isn’t writing, what else does she do?

Thinking mostly (Smiles) or reading. I enjoy solitary walk in the park, listening to the birds. I enjoy trips to the sea, to fish or keep my boyfriend’s company on his boat. Have you ever been to the sea to fish in summer? You will be mesmerized. I love to watch foreign movies in cinemas. I love to swim, to shop and watch sunsets. Other than these, I just dream.

-Are you working on any project at the moment?

Yes. I am working on Pegasus: Love Poems. It will be the third title in my mythological-poetica series. I needed to find repose to write and my school work has been taking my time and attention. But it is building up. It will be released before winter.

-Is it true that poetry does not sell? If true, how do you break even?

Well, poetry is more specialized than fiction. So the market is limited compared to fiction market. But as a matter of fact people still love poetry. Mermaid, for example, has had close to 10,000 free downloads. You might say it is an outlier in the genre but I would say its charm as a book made it so. The same rule applies to fiction. Don’t just try to imagine the number of novels that sold less than 500 copies in its existence. You’d be surprised.
On how I break even? Well, I do not depend on my book sales to sustain myself. I have daytime work. The bliss of knowing people read my poems is enough. I am grateful for just one download.

-Do you perform your poems for audience?

Not officially. I sometimes attend poetry group meetings where I have read two or three of my poems. I prefer to read my poems silently. But I have delegated the work of spoken word recitation of my poems to professionals. Mermaid and Seraph are narrated by Melissa Leventhal. She’s a professional actress who brought a Shakespearean aura to her works. A Voiceover with a silky voice, she added music to her recitations to make a magical experience of listening to them.
Stolen Kisses is also recited by Donna Havern whom I call Lady K (I call her by that name specially). She’s a veteran radio broadcaster who recited the smutty lines of the book in a voice that dripped with sensuality. The three audio books are available on, Amazon and iTunes stores. Get yours!SERAPH (2)

-Are your fans going to have the opportunity to meet you?

Most definitely. I am available every time. They can contact me through email and I will answer all questions they might have for me. I don’t reveal my identity again because I was once embarrassed by a fan who wanted me to sign autograph on his penis (in public). That was after my poetica-erotica series came out. But I know in time my fans will have the opportunity to dine with me.

Finally, how has it been working with Pipit Inc. Ms. Jade?

Fabulous. The experience has been wonderful. The set up at Pipit Inc. is on point and I am very happy to release my books through their imprint. Do you know anyone who wishes to develop a fulfilling writing career? Pipit Inc. is the place to come. They make dreams come true for writers.

Thank you Mary Jade Monroe

You are welcome.


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