new talenu Damaged bc





REVENGE-this was the overriding thought in Lucas Judas twisted mind when he escaped from California Psychiatric Hospital. As he strolled along the street of Sunset Boulevard, looking lucid and sharp in his stolen shirt and jeans, all that went through his head was to see Margaret Bowles and Matt Bester again and take his revenge on them.

He had waited for this day for long. The Day of Atonement for his betrayers which he had planned with methodical efficiency for over five years. As Lucas walked on he consulted a map on his android phone, noting the landmarks that lined the road to his destination.

His itchy balls and lesions scorched him like lice and he scratched it with practiced quickness, hating what HIV infection had reduced his life to.

“We will soon tango Maggie” he cursed under his breath, grimacing in anticipation of the evil he was about to do.

Lucas reflected on his life and what brought him to his present predicament. He remembered how he was set up by his best friend and his girl; how he was convicted for Drug Trafficking and Attempted Homicide; committed to spend 25 years jail term at San Quentin State Prison.

After suffering countless rape and violations in the hands of prison brutes, in the third year of his incarceration he had contacted HIV infection and this had led Lucas Judas to become deranged.

He had screamed for days on end in his cell when he was diagnosed as HIV positive, venting his grievances into space.

“God! Oh God! God! Where were you? How could you? Why would you? You Fuck! Fuck You Fuck! You Fuck…”

His noise and blasphemy had led prison authority to lock him up in solitary confinement and it was in this hell that his mind finally caved in-fed fat with revenge and self-loath.

He turned morose and unruly afterwards, quickly led to violence and vituperation. Complaints against him had led the prison shrink to certify him as unfit to live among sane prisoners and this had prompted his transfer from San Quentin State Prison to California Psychiatric Hospital to continue his prison term.

At the sanatorium in Sacramento Lucas Judas allowed his mind to fester on hate and revenge; setting up his escape plan silently and methodically until his chance came.

Now out on the street of California, he felt heady with adrenalin, whispering to himself:

“Revenge is sweet when served cold. Maggie and Matt, be ready to eat yours chilled”




Something snapped in me and I decided on the spur of the moment to call her. Who knows, I could be lucky she was horny for my dick too. I’d simply say I called to apologize; that my friends pushed me to act so foolishly. That I loved her still. Perchance I could get to eat her strawberries again. Aren’t girls supposed to be fools in love?

I summoned courage and called Lily’s cell phone. When she picked she sounded sleepy and listened quietly as I tendered my apology, sweet talking her in my natural way.

“I’m sorry about the way things turned out Lily. I really am. Hope you will find it in your heart to forgive and forget” I concluded, relieved to have the burden finally off my chest.

“It’s alright Nani. Broken hearts mend” She said after a pause, “So what now?”

“I want to see you Lily. Please. To tell you to your face I am sorry”

“No!” she shrieked quietly, “You can’t see me. I can’t bear it”

“Please baby” I begged “Let’s meet by the lake and there give me the chance to amend my wrongs. I owe it to you. Please Lily, by 12 noon like the other day. Please baby let me make it up to you Lily…”

She took a pause again, breathing silently over the line. “Okay. 12 noon. By the lake”. Then the line went dead…..



Sally, by this time mentally immobilized, looked on at her captor; a part of her deadened by fear, another part stirred by atavistic erotic impulses. She looked white and stark as color had drained from her upper part, giving her torso down to her legs a bronze hue. Her hands were swollen and blue; inured to pain that travelled all over body. Her whole body became synchronized with the terror at hand, numb with pain and submission in the trap of her psychotic captor.

Andrew went to his tray of tools and picked up a long steel with a blade head. He swiped the blade against his arm to test its sharpness and smiled as it scraped off the hair on the test area. He then went to a corner to pick up a bottle of Kleenex shampoo and returned to Sally to begin his rituals.

“Please be still or it will draw blood. No blood today, alright Marilyn.” He said in earnest to Sally who whimpered in reply, begging with a broken voice.

“Don’t hurt me I beg you in the name of God. Sweet Jesus please help me. Somebody please come to my rescue. Please. Oh God…”

“Shhh. Shhhh. Shush. Hush Marilyn. I hate it when you whine” Andrew prodded, looking at her with menace in his eyes.

When she continued to beg him, crying and spitting saliva in the corners of her mouth in mortal distress, Andrew closed on her and punched her twice in the stomach. This quietened her immediately and Andrew then proceeded with his work.

Pouring the shampoo into the cup of his hand Andrew dabbed it against Sally’s armpit and then worked the shampoo into lather. He then applied his tool deftly on the lather to scrape off the hair that might be existent in her armpit. He did this to the other armpit and then moved to her legs, scraping like a barber in the service of a queen. He looked up at Sally as he knelt at her legs, praising her beauty while his blade slide across her skin.




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