SHALIZ- The Secret Star (An excerpt)

Pipit Shaliz the secret star Pipit Shaliz the secret star

What is this piece of burning knowledge? Is it haiku of light? Is it the esoteric verse of Masons or the enigma of Egyptian hieroglyphs? Can it be understood by mere mortals or is it only for consecrated higher men?

Shaliz- The Secret Star is a codex of Light written by a mystic from the heart of Sahara. A collection of odes written to praise Ori-life diviner in the Yoruba cosmogony; the book of 24 stanzas read backwards starting from Canto XXIV to Canto I. It is for searchers of enlightenment about the source of Light and the way to the Deity through Nature.

Inspired in content. Negritudian in concept. Illuminating in essence.

Here is the first 12 stanzas of XXIV Canto. Enjoy it!


Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Castle of light cast in the cloud;

Open up the mahogany door of Tuli,

And admit nightingales into the gray fold

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Soaring high with the solemn wind;                                    6

Attaining altitude by leaps and bounds,

Standing taller than the length of tamarind

Shaliz, Exquisite Star,

Fieriest amongst the fire-flies;

Beauty of the beautiful in Sig and in Baol,

Adorning the night’s neckline with a light

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Annular sphere up in the air;

Laid out in a layout of splendor,

Illuminating the latent lines of atmosphere                         16

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Single-tree of the golden shire;

Fledged with fruits and fragrant flowers,

Abode of orioles and other speckled friars

Shaliz, Oracular Star,

Sought out in the axial sky;

Seen on the scope of late night-watchers,

Found beyond the reach of the furthest mortal eye

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Mighty meteor in the star bars;                                          26

Guarding the ark of larks with sparks,

Ever radiant torch on the lofty radars

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Lily in the Garden of Light;

Filling the glade with a sweet fragrance,

Rapture of robins and raven’s night delight

Shaliz, Exclusive Star,

In a class apart from comets;

Shimmering white on the stellar shore,

Shining bright with the decline of sunset                         36

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

Of sards and rare sapphire;

Alluring all eyes drawn to the crown,

Fitted on the head of the noble sire

Shaliz, O Shaliz,

In Zes on the eastern range;

Breathing bright light in its apertures,

Shading the sky with a splash of orange

Shaliz, Irreversible Star,

Bright before the Moon was born;                                      46

Before a three-scores seraph was sired,

Before the pyre of the Sun began to burn

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