Our book pick for the month of October, which also marks our first ever pick, is the blockbuster by the master of words entitled GERALD’S GAME by Stephen King.

A gritty, dark exploration of the female psyche, the book is a classic that will outlast its generation. Stephen King, master of the genre, fills the book with his signature virtuosity that consisted of horror but this time tinged with a shade of erotica. The story of bondage game gone awry, I chanced on a used first edition of the book at a road side auction and devoured its pages within two days, thrilled by its spine tingling story.

Personally I loved the book for its symbolical design. It is a one dimensional narrative that mutates into multi dimensional drama potted with flash back and future projection. At the end of the book, I overcame myself just as the lead character Jessie found redemption at her final spitting act, which was both cathartic and orgasmic. It was a voluptuous read that I know I will repeat over and over again.

I mean I have read a number of Stephen King books but GERALD’s GAME stood out to me. It affected me. Gave me the chills. For instance to imagine the scene where Prince, the thinking dog invaded the room to defile Gerald’s corpse gives me goose pimples every time. Stephen King wrote the book with methodical efficiency that set him above his peers. No doubt he is one of the finest American brand in literature.

I urge our readers to check out the book and feed back on its concept. I am sure it will be a fulfilling experience.  I also heard plans are on to make the classic book into a movie. It is a flick I can’t wait to see.

So till next month when I come around with another book pick. Keep reading classics

Rosalie Banks

Author, Teacher, Naughty-Girl


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