JOHN 3:3&8

 Jesus answered and said to him, Verily, verily I say to you; except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

 The wind blows where it wills, and you do hear the sound of it, but cannot tell from where it comes, and where it goes: so is everyone that is born of the Spirit.


The quote above is an example of cryptic sayings of Jesus Christ, describing the miracle and mystery of salvation. Many other enigmatic sayings like this are found in the New Testament, shedding light on the spiritual mysteries of GOD.

In a new book written by a monk turned padre, attempts are made to unravel the meanings behind some enigmatic statements of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament.

Entitled 33 CRYPTIC SAYINGS OF JESUS CHRIST (PART 1) by Fr. Thomas Sidi,

the deeply insightful and authoritative book in 3 parts is a must read for every one desirous of understanding the riddle of Crucifixion.

The first edition is available in digital version on Google Play Store


The deeply engaging book is also available as audiobook on amazon.com


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