Friends, Pipit Inc. is happy and proud to release our deluxe short gay fiction entitled MANACLES. Written by the protest scholar Salem Devine and formerly released in BONDAGE, anthology of BDSM; the story, set in Sing Sing, is about the first experience of a man in the hands of other men. A downright dirty dialectics on the freedom of sexuality, it is recommended for readers and fans of gay fiction.

An excerpt:

King Kong stopped his exploration presently and ordered his men to position Matt Rookey for rear invasion.

“Set him up for me. That hole you claimed belongs to your wife will now belong to me. And my men after me. You see I have weakness for blonde men and I find you particularly desirable. I’ll keep your secret with me though. I promise, piggy fag. Let’s get to it”

The men dragged Matt Rookey to a steel table bolted to the floor and placed him on it facedown. Even though he had little strength left in him to fight, he still put up a form of resistance. He writhed and thrashed where he was pinned by four strong men; two of whom secured his legs while the two others firmly held his hands. His pert ass jutted out seductively on the table, prepped and ready.

King Kong went to him and bent over his ass cheeks. Then parting them with his hands he dipped his head inside the crack to lick on his balls and around his hole. As he sniffed and licked on Matt Rookey’s anal orifice, parting them with one hand while his other hand masturbated his cock back to full hardness; he muttered like a drunken man in binge.

“Oh sweet vagina. Sweet stinky vagina. Love it. Let me lick it wet for my cock so it can slide in easily. You won’t feel a thing. Not the size or length. Just let me get it wet…”

The men in the Shower Room with him stroked on their staffs, watching the erotic scene with rapture of sex starved prisoners. Two of the men standing behind King Kong mutually massaged on each other’s cocks; sharing kisses at intervals as King Kong performed a mind blowing analingus on their captive. Even the men holding Matt Rookey in manacles burned with desire, breathless to get their chances at the juicy vagina.

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