Our book pick for the month of November is the great classic by D.H Lawrence with the title Women In Love.

I became acquainted with D.H Lawrence back in the 90’s when I was in high school. His poem “Snake” was listed among the texts for our literature class and Mrs. Mallow, our literature teacher, was so enamored with the poem she literally made us memorize it; dissecting its classic content for us like a cardiovascular surgeon would a patient. I developed a likeness for the British author after this, looking out to read his books till my boyfriend gave me as 20th birthday gift a vintage first edition of the novel Women In Love.

Women In Love is a classic in many rights. Published in the year 1920 as a sequel to The Rainbow, the book is a story of two sisters, Gudrun and Ursula and the ties that bound them to their men. A love story written in the convoluted, exploratory style that D.H Lawrence was a master at; Women In Love is an explosive fiction that incorporates many theme in its oeuvre. Among the themes featured in the book are love, politics, search for the perfect partner, chauvinism, death and most profoundly male-female sex dynamism.

While praised as a classic, Women In Love was also denounced as a Critic’s nightmare. At its publication in 1920 (In the US only) it was derided as a “pornographic book”; its reputation foreshadowed and preceded by The Rainbow, a book adjudged of the highest immoral standard by the critics of the time. Even Ernest Hemingway complained about the tediousness of the book in A Moveable Feast; simply because D.H Lawrence seemingly wrote for “esoteric readers”, so to say. I imagine what today’s critics would say.

Well, I read the book and loved it absolutely. It was not boring in the least but was so voluptuous I cried when I finished. Please! Classic writers wrote classic books. If you haven’t read the book then I recommend you seek it out. You will so love D.H Lawrence’s magical prose. The peak of the book to me was the scene where Gerard sneaked into Gudrun’s room to make love to her. The style and metaphors adopted by the author would leave you in fever; only a master like him could celebrate love in ink like that.

In all, Women In Love is among my best books of all time and I urge you to check it out.

Till next month when I review another classic book, happy holidays in advance.

Rosalie Banks

Author, Teacher, Naughty-Girl

PS: Please show love to Lola Nike, my sister of the Scribes, who just released her maiden collection of short stories. Entitled DAEMONS (+ OTHER GOTHIC STORIES); it is recommended strictly for 18+ and high grade erotica readers


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