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PIPIT INC.- Hello guys. How are you doing?

3 Musketeers of Erotica– Hi Pipit Inc. How do you do?

PIPIT INC.- All good. Congratulations on the premiere of your new anthology CHEATERS: Tales Of Unfaithful Wives edited by Calvin Smith. How was it like?


Rosalie Banks– Explosive. We toasted to a bottle of Ace of Spades Champagne at Waldorf Astoria to celebrate its birth. Being a book that took a lot from us; it was exulting to finally have it ready for readers to enjoy.


Salem Devine– It was beautiful, man. The cover design also had us flowing with mojo. Pipit Inc. sure knows how to brand its deluxe books. We love it.


Lola Nike-Calvin Smith is the master innovator. His direction and design inspires us to be different. His imprint in the new anthology is of platinum. Classic work. CHEATERS is available for pre-order on Google Play Store. Go and get your copy while it is hot. We promise the first edition to be exclusive. My story in it would get you burning.

PIPIT INC.- Yeah, talking about the stories. What were the inspirations?

Rosalie Banks– CHEATERS was conceived to stir up conversation about the aptness of monogamy to meet modern romantic needs. For this, we decided to make the first part to be from  the wife’s perspective. So my story stemmed from a scenario I once read about in Playboy, this time crafted with characters courageous enough to defy stereotype. Wanton Wife therefore is a symbol of protest; a sublime dramatization of atavistic instincts in women.

Salem Devine– Protest? I thought we decided to leave the protest to me Rosa (Scoffs). Hmm, anyway my take in the anthology explores a fantasy that is America’s number 1 nightmare- biracial sex. What? (He made eyes at Rosalie Banks). Yes, isn’t it America most feared scandal, even after 200 years of democracy. My story is the story of Jungle Fever, plain and simple and I do not apologize for it.

Lola Nike– (Glares at Salem Devine) C’mon man. Cool it down. We apologize for his brashness. We all know Salem to like the serrated edges. His story sizzles. Mine is centered on cross matched marriages. I painted a scenario involving a young woman married to an older man. The sinful result that follows a horny housewife attracted to his husband’s only son is the journey I took my readers through. Smooth and creamy, Sinful Tryst was inspired by an old flick I saw. Can’t remember the title.

PIPIT INC.- Okay, so what’s next?

Rosalie Banks -What’s next is for you and everybody else to go and book your copy on Google Play Store and all top online media stores. You wouldn’t wanna miss out on the fun. CHEATERS is anything unlike what we have written before. Dirty raps from the first page to the last…

Salem Devine– (Cuts in) Yeah the book is good and hot. Yadayadayada. (Looks up and frowns). Caveat Emptor: CHEATERS might make you want to enjoy the thrill of cheating on your spouse. Don’t read it. Don’t read the book. It’d burn your reading device. I told you so…

Lola Nike– Quit with it man. Please don’t mind him. CHEATERS is high octane erotica, no doubt about that, but let the readers judge. Give them a chance to take the Fifth, and then review the book on Customer Reviews. We’d like our readers and fans to know the paperback edition will also be available for your private enjoyment.

Salem Devine– And the audio version too on Audible, Amazon and iTunes Stores (Grins at Lola Nike)

PIPIT INC.- Alright (smiles). Will there be a sequel?

Rosalie Banks– Definitely. The Part 2 of CHEATERS will feature the husbands of our cheating women. But it is coming up next year on Valentines’ day. Work has already begun on it.


Salem Devine-Tales of Unfaithful Husbands. I like that. It’d give me a chance to be the man. These two babes on my neck (Looks at his mates) all this time. Shoot! I will do moneyshot with my story and break your neck with it(Points at Lola Nike). Watch out!

Lola Nike– My neck? How has my neck come into the picture. Never mind him PIPIT INC. Alright peeps, get ready for CHEATERS: TALES OF UNFAITHFUL HUSBANDS coming next Valentines’ day. But today go and download CHEATERS: TALES OF UNFAITHFUL WIVES on Amazon.com. You will so love it.

PIPIT INC.- People of the books. There you have it. Go and get your copy of CHEATERS. It is coming out officially on 11/30/2014. There is a free audio book for the first 20 to download.







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