My book pick for the month of December, which closes the calendar on the Year 2014, is the all time American classic titled Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. I am almost certain we are familiar with the story of love as explored in this gothic tale written by a deeply endowed writer. Interview With The Vampire, published in 1976, stars Louis, the protagonist-narrator, who tells the story of his meeting with a vampire named Lestat, who turned him into a vampire and took him through the gothic journey of blood seekers traversed only in the night. The book is deep, dark and poetic; a voluptuous debut by a writer who later flowered into a master scribe in her genre.

Interview With The Vampire is not your run of mill vampire book. It rivals Dracula in style, content and language and it is a book I’m sure will be studied in America for years to come. The Muse that inspired Anne Rice to write the book must be one that only visits once in a millennium. (Smiles). Don’t mind me. I’m so in love with the book that I have memorized the scenes in my memory. Forget the movie. It is good with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise and all but the book is the bomb.

Louis’ addictive voice will hook you from the first page, moving you from modern New York back to slavery period New Orleans where the death of his brother had necessitated his own contemplation of death. It was in this despondent search that he met Lestat, an old vampire long in need of a companion, who gave him “a bite of eternity” and so began Louis’ new journey to find redemption in the darkness of his damnation. An intimate, gothic story of love and blood; Anne Rice gave her readers a piece of historical testament to the existence of original sin and demons.

If you are yet to read Interview With The Vampire, please go and get one and feel with me. Meet with Claudia, a child-vampire, and be mesmerized as I was with the writer’s gothic symbolization of infantile sexuality. Travel with Louis, a ‘righteous vampire’ and experience his anguish at finding redemption in the midst of spiritual chaos. Or Dance with Lestat, a vicious vampire who waltz with dexterity of a seducer in order to bite you at the neck. And then see if you will be able to sleep at night or walk in dark corners without watching your back.

Interview With The Vampire is a book you should read. For the New Year, Pipit Inc. has instructed the 3 Musketeers of Erotica to write a short vampire chronicles titled ECLIPSE: Shades of Darkness to be dedicated to Anne Rice to honor her eternal imprint in American Literature and Art. Watch out for it.

To close, I want to shout out to Lola Nike, Mary Jade Monroe, Salem Devine, Wale Owoeye, Robert Kelly, Calvin Smith and all others who made up Pipit Inc. We had a fulfilling and successful year all thanks to God and you guys. You rock!

Season Greetings to all our friends, fans and haters all over the world. Happiness and Love.

 Rosalie Banks

Author, Teacher, Naughty-Girl


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