2014- A reflection


The year 2014 has been a bundle of success for us at Pipit Inc.

We moved up further on the ladder of success we began climbing in 2012.

We read many books and wrote some.

Some our fans love like a sweetheart.

Some they vilify like Judas.

Of all our deluxe books

From the stats

We are most enamored with Mermaid

A book that has had phenomenal followership and downloads

It is free in the Kindle Store and waiting for you


Live the sea, love the sea

In Mermaid

We are also much in love with CHEATERS

An avant garde book that speaks to the soul of the society

Some will call it dirty

Others will say it is good

But none will deny that it is electric


Wanton Wife, Forbidden Fantasy, Sinful Tryst

3 Avant Garde Erotica

By the 3 Musketeers of Erotica

it gives us great pride and honor to release the book


The Year 2014 gave promise of better things to come

Avant garde books like Damaged, Bondage, Seraph, Gothic Grovels

set threshold of excellence for others coming behind

Our artists are sharpening their minds

Our Capitalist Hosts are rebooting their systems

And Pipit Inc. braces herself

To make sterling books for the world

In our style

Avant Garde, Deluxe, Spine Tingling Classics

In the valiant American Spirit that drives us

We welcome you all in advance to 2015

Our Year of Blossoming


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Pipit Inc.


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