New Year’s First


Strictly for mature readers

The Passcode bc

The Passcode :Part 1-The Test

Salem Devine

An excerpt:

Believe me, I had never felt so helpless in all my life and the overall effect was making my cock throb furiously.  The ache from my groin was becoming unbearable and my balls swelled under me.  Then I was deposited on the couch.

“How do you feel about a gag or hood, Richard?” asked Hugo, looking at me with those seductive eyes I could never withstand.

“It is customary to test participants fully, but as this is the first time you have ever been bound, you may want to opt out” he advised solemnly, looking at me.

“You do whatever you would normally do Hugo. I want to feel it all.” I replied bravely, ready to die now that I was at Death House.

“Right then” Hugo said as he left to pick up the final item from the chest.

It turned out to be a full cover hood made of heavy leather.  The mask looked dark and eerie, like that worn by Lernado DiCaprio in The Man In The Mask; this time made of raw leather. There were tie strings at the back together with a zip.

“Open up Richard” Hugo said as he stood behind me and lowered the hood over my head.

I looked up just in time to see the hood engulf my head and a large wedge gag was forced between my teeth. The hood was tightened in place and I was left gasping and mumbling through the gag.

I felt the zipper being pulled down and the neck strap tightened in place.  I was now in total darkness and all I could hear was the sound of my own breathing inside the heavy leather of the hood.  Being a chronic sufferer of claustrophobia, I felt a sudden panic and attempted to struggle at my bonds.

Suddenly Hugo’s voice came through the hood:

“Unless you are having breathing difficulties Richard, save your efforts.  Remember if I have to release you now, then you have failed the test and can forget about joining the society.  If you’d like us to call it off, just say the Passcode and I’d do so immediately. But if not what I want you to do is calm down and nod your head three times if you are having breathing difficulties.”


in our avant garde style, we introduce you to our new year offerings with this explosive gothic book by Salem Devine.

The Passcode is a trilogy of bondage erotica written to explore the dominatrix and sex cults reputed to exist as a corollary of capitalism. This first part is a remake of an old classic made by a phantom writer of the erotica underground and it is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick, the American director who made the calssic movie Eyes Wide Shut.

We invite you all to check it out.

It is for fans of gay fiction

and kinky lovers of edgy erotica.


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