My book pick for the month of love is the great American classic titled The Great Train Robbery by the super-genius writer Michael Crichton. I have a first edition in my library which I read from time to time, especially when I want to delight myself in a movie like novel. Michael Crichton, as one of my most favorite writers of all time, did justice to an historical event, bringing a new experience to it for modern readers to enjoy. Let me give you a synopsis of the novel, in case you have not read it before.

The Great Train Robbery is about a gold heist carried out by a master thief and his associates in London in 1854. This fictional rendition by Michael Crichton features Edward Pierce, an aristocratic conman who devised plan to steal a vault of gold from a moving train, using his underworld connection and high grade intelligence to surmount great obstacles he met on the way. A fast paced thriller with actions integrating seamlessly into comedy, it is an overwhelming book that I’d recommend for readers of good fiction.

The merit of the book to me amongst others lies in its characterization. I so love the way Michael Crichton depicted Edward Pierce, the man who coordinated all the happenings of the heist. He is street-smart and aristocratically cultured in one smooth offering; rich enough to invest best hands to carry out his plan and shroud enough to succeed in getting all keys to the vault. He is a character you will love and hate at the same time, together with his acolytes.

Again, the book succeeds in building suspense that cumulated in a voluptuous climax. One after the other obstacles appeared to crash Edward Pierce’s grand plan but he surmounted them all with his wit and willpower. He taught me the lesson of perseverance and unassailable belief when trying to achieve something impossible. In the book Edward Pierce was a master of his destiny, the captain of his fate and he had the willpower and confidence to berth his ship at his dreamed island. Any time I encounter a hurdle in my way to achieving greatness, I just remember Edward Pierce and the way he had his eyes on the gold and then plow on till I get my goal.

At the end, you will love Michael Crichton for recreating the story of the great train robbery for us in fiction. I am sure he must have loved the book among his many books because it was made into a movie by him, featuring Sean Connery and Lesly Anne- Brown. I urge lovers of good books to check it out and celebrate one of America finest writers, Michael Crichton, who continues to sleep in Elysium.

Happy Valentine Day in arrears.

Rosalie Banks

Author, Teacher, Naughty-Girl

PS: I sincerely hope you guys did something naughty to the babes on the night of February 14. Keep loving, keep reading classics.


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