Game Of Generals- Vintage Short Flicks


Salem Devine came to the office the other day looking happy as a duck.

“What is going on, bru?” I inquired, knowing Salem never to smile unless the occasion called for it.

“Pipit Inc. I am happy. Happy as a newly minted coin.” Salem replied as he took a swig of his coffee, his face sunny and I tried to imagine being a newly minted quarter.

“I got me a new book, man. Game of Generals. It’s gonna be the hottest book of the year. In series. I just finished the first edition titled FIRST MOVE. Do you play chess?” He asked, enthused as fcuk!

“Yes, I am a master chess-man” I replied, curios about his claim

“So Salem, what’s so hot about this your new book, Game Of Generals?”

“You wanna know?” He asked, his eyes twinkling

“Yes. Tell me…”

And then Salem Devine took me on a ride:

“Go and download your ebook copy from Google Play Store. It is exclusive to Google Books. Go and get yours. And then you will taste what is hot about Game Of Generals”

He dropped the manuscript, gulped his coffee and scrambled out.

So my book-peeps, there you have it. Go and check out Salem Devine’s newest release on Google Play Store and feedback on it.

He disclosed privately to me it’s a gay short fiction like has never been written before in America.

How true that is, only a read can confirm


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