What is avant garde?


This is a question someone posed to me in an email recently and I thought I’d share my view with the world. At Pipit Inc. we aim to promote avant garde works in literature and art and to me it simply means we try to push boundaries in art- or isn’t that what art should be about in the first place, to be a satire on the whimsical reality.

If you cannot see the ugliness in beauty and beauty in ugliness, then I doubt very much if you can understand the mission of Pipit Inc. to promote avant garde art. To be able to experience this dynamism in life, to see the forest for the leaves, to appreciate the intangible in greatness and experience the ecstasy of art is the ultimate experience. It is what we intend to share with the world.

Take Ladies In Lingerie for example. It is the first photo-book to display the art immanent in lingerie designs. It is made for adults and not intended for prurient purposes but as a testament of the ingenuity of lingerie designers. But I guess quite a lot of people, exhibitionists especially, would rather be aroused by this avant garde collection. It cannot be helped. That is where art and life intermingle.

To close I will leave you with this piece by one of our poets, Wale Owoeye, taken from his masterpiece titled Thirty-Three Trees. Let me see if you can see the beauty of avant garde poetry in it.

Kola                                                          Cola nitida

The secret

To eternal life

Is found in the net

Of a leaf

Growing on the kola tree
In the intricate

Details imbedded in

Its diaphanous skein

Made immaculate

By the morning dew
Whoever can see

Into the leaf

Of a kola tree

Will be alive

Until the end of the sun

Having seen through the infinite unknown


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