SAY YOU LOVE ME AGAIN….Have you ever read the novel or saw the movie? I am sure you have. It is the same romantic tale told over and over again yet the same tale every girl wants to read or see in a movie. There is definitely something sweet about sad love. I don’t know what it is but it is there constant. Perhaps Freud would have an explanation for it.

Love is generally sweet at its beginning but it gets boring later when all the mysteries sought during romance has been revealed. It is like climax, the emptiness felt at the end of sky. This feeling is being explored in a new book by Lola Nike titled SWEET FANGS.

SWEET FANGS is a thriller novella about a serial killer Casanova who escaped to Little Rock after a killing spree in Richmond. Unknown to him, the twin sister of his latest victim followed him to this new locale; to avenge the death of her only sister.

As the story unfolds, love struck at an inopportune time and the game ground shifted with quake….

Watch out




Exclusive to Pipit Inc.


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