UNBOUND #3 – Night Entrapment

Responding to the requests of some of Rosalie Bank‘ fanatics, we proudly want to share excerpts from her latest incubus series UNBOUND. This is the 3rd installment entitled Night Entrapment.



After watching TV for some time where she sat drinking coffee, Leila soon fell into boredom and before she could control it, a deep slumber overcame her.
As soon as her eyes closed, Alan materialized from the shadows, his incubus sheath semi luminous in the haze of the room.
He looked around, at the burning incense and white rose petals, and laughed.
“White rose petals to do what to me? Entrap me? Can the wind be trapped? Ah! Ah! Ah!”
With a gesture of his hand, all the white rose petals turned red and every other thing became still. The digital wall clock remained static at 12:33 AM.
Alan again pointed at Leila where she lay on the armchair and she became lifted in space. He brought her down to lie on the bed and breathed on her body. This peeled off her cloth from her body and she lay naked on the bed, sexy like a virgin goddess on her betrothal night.
Seeing Leila naked almost made Alan delirious as his body trembled where he stood, his entire body tattoo burning on him. His cock hung limply against his groin, half turgid and vengeful.
“Most beautiful Rose in Solomon’s Garden” He enthused in lust rapture, his wings shimmering softly in the shadows.
Alan moved on Leila and sniffed all over her body. His pointed nose travelled all over her mounds, between her cleavage, under her armpits, under her big boobs, over her studded navel and over her blonde pubes.
As he sniffed all over Leila, Alan massaged his cock with practiced affection, the beast on leash poised to attack.
Leila twined on the bed as Alan explored her body with intimacy that reached her innermost essence. Unconscious of the stranger in her bedroom who held her body captive under a sex spell, her mind exited to the world of dream that became a reality of high definition fantasy.
“Touch me. Tease me. Love me. Do me. Eat me”
She begged in her sleep, overridden by impulses too treacherous to control…


You can download this outrightly seedy book on Google Play Store, B&N, Apple Store and others.




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