UNBOUND #5 – Swift Shadows

Our latest incubus series UNBOUND is selling like magic cake on Google Play Store and all online media stores.


Go get your own deamon lover and get a passion filled Valentine DAY.

Here is UNBOUND #5 : Swift Shadow for your sneak preview.


Dr. Fredrick Lumen sat opposite his patient, his attention focused on her face as his voice percolated her conscious psyche.
Shortly, he observed Leila transported to the other realm and began his exploration.
“Where do you see yourself?”
“I don’t know. Looks familiar though” Leila replied, her voice far away.
“Look closely Leila. Take your time”
“There are flowers all around. Looks like a garden, an ancient garden”
“Tell me more. Are you alone?”
“Yes. But I don’t feel alone”
Leila saw herself in a field of wild flowers that stretched to the distance. She walked around, fascinated by the ethereal world of flowers and butterflies.
A panorama arrested her attention and Leila suddenly found herself before a golden waterfall.
“Woah! This is divine”
Leila looked up at the waterfall and became mesmerized. Its gold cascade fell in steamy torrents onto a pool of gold water, filled with gold fishes with many resplendent flecks.
She moved near the gold pool and dipped her hand inside. The water felt warm to touch and she scooped some in her hand and drank.
As Leila squatted near the pool, a figure suddenly emerged from the water and rose in air.
Affrighted, Leila fell back and watched as the figure moved on her, its form cloudy and corporeal in a paradox that seized her voice.
“What do you see Leila? Tell me what you see? What is it Leila? Tell me damn it!”
Dr. Fredrick probed Leila where she lay cold on the couch, her eyes lost in the cloud. He didn’t want her to lose hold on the hypnosis line or she might be sucked in onto the phantom’s world.
He held her hand and pinched it with a pin he had nearby.
“C’mon Leila. Talk to me. Who is there with you? What do you see?”
Leila didn’t respond to the pin prick or to any stimuli exerted on her by Dr. Fred. Her mind had transported to Mesopotamia, to the ancient days of precious stones and red roses.
At the pool of gold water where Leila found herself a captive of a terrible wraith, all her senses became transfixed on the figure that stood before her, wet and wrathful.
His face presently coagulated and Leila saw him again, a bolt driven through her heart.
A gust of wind swept Leila off her feet and thrust her in space, twirling with great speed through a black tunnel.
Inside this black tornado, Leila felt her body lifted in a diaphanous haze and in its soft tunnel a hundred wet fingers peeled off her clothes from her body.
Leila’s clothes had scarcely left her body when the same hundred wet fingers grabbed and groped her; fondling her big boobs, rubbing her body, her hair, her ass, her crotch, her legs, her feet- all at the same time…






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