Do you believe in sex demons? Well, whether you believe or not in their existence a beautiful NYPD Homicide Detective named Leila has her existence besieged and beleaguered by a night sex demon who will stop at nothing to impregnate her…

The riveting tale continues in UNBOUND #5 : Swift Shadows where Alan did unthinkable things to Leila and her boyfriend in the movie-erotica-short-fiction that will make you burn hot…

A snippet for our gothic fans


LEILA OPENED HER EYES and found herself in a forest of wild flowers. She took a moment to adjust to the scene which seemed intimately familiar to her.
A cry from the distance called her attention and Leila checked to see a man being hounded by hundreds of hooved beings.
Looking closer, a fear clutched at Leila’s heart.
“Leave him alone! Hey, let him go!”
She screamed at the horde of hooved beings that shortly ganged up on Dr. Fredrick, dragging him deep into the forest.
As she followed after them in despair, a figure emerged from the forest and commanded the horde.
“Bring him here”
Leila rushed to the figure to plead for her boyfriend but found him to be unreachable. A gulf of blackness pushed Leila back every time she tried to reach over to the figure.
The figure, which now attained the form of a beastly incubus, stood tall in the clearing.
“I told you I’d make you suffer for touching my bride, didn’t I? Now you are at my mercy and I have none to give”
The incubus spoke directly to a beleaguered Dr. Fredrick who looked spent in the rough hands of his captors.
“Please let him go, Alan.” Leila begged the incubus, going to him, the gulf lifted between them.
“I will give you anything. Just ask. Let him go for my sake please. He is innocent”
Tears flowed freely on her face and this stirred Alan into fury.
“No!” He thundered “Don’t plead for him. It makes me mad”
Leila fell on her knees in front of the phantom beast, her voice broken with pain.
“Ask me for anything Alan. I will give you my soul. Just don’t hurt him. Please!”
The incubus, visibly angry, made a hand gesture to the horde of hooved beings and they all pounced on Dr. Fredrick; biting, licking, pinching, chewing and caressing him all over.
The scene looked like a jungle rape to Leila who watched with disbelief as the phantom beings did unthinkable things to Dr. Fred’s body.
They hung him in the air and explored his body like a prize; touching, biting, pinching, licking and screwing him all over.
Leila closed her eyes when one of the hooved aliens put Dr. Fredrick’s cock in his mouth to pump on in wanton erotic punishment. As he released the limp pipe from his mouth, another phantom animal took it and did more terrible act on it….

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