DIRTY DIANA – celebrating Hugh Hefner’s legacy

Prah! So it was that I saw on the news the death of Playboy progenitor Hugh Hefner. How sad and happy I was. Sad a great icon of the world had to leave for Heaven and happy in the knowledge that Hef is presently in Playboy Mansion in heaven, enjoying with Marilyn Monroe. He sure is, you’d better believe it!

Anyways, to celebrate the life and legacy of this first class American, Pipit Inc decided to release a book dedicated to his memory. And here is presenting to you




Strictly FOR ADULT READERS, this mix media art explores the erotica aspect of fictionalized reels in words to explode in a cataclysmic climax.

Lemme not break my teeth.

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Today,we will resume activity on the blog by posting a review of a bestseller book that is currently trending on amazon.com . And for this week, I will be picking UNDERSTANDING TRUMP by Newt Gingrich.


Well, after the election 11-11-2016 which ushered in the Presidency of Donald Trump on January 21, 2017, the question on most people’ mind and lips has been: Who the fuck did we just elect POTUS? The former speaker, Newt Gingrich, in his well timed book UNDERSTANDING TRUMP offer readers insights to this nagging question that none of the former books about the man Donald Trump has yet done.

UNDERSTANDING TRUMP with its foreword written by the billionaire’s son Eric Trump presents Donald Trump in unflattering terms as the colossus that bestrode American political landscape; a pure case of disruptive innovation in American politics whose emergence defied stereotype and mass media expectation. The book explains to us how Donald Trump was able to sway American voters his way with his originality, unpredictability,sheer will power and celebrity status.

While some will pass this book over as repeating platitudes that the politician Newt feels expedient to feed gullible readers with and not filled with new information about the 45th POTUS but the reviews of the book I saw on amazon.com says different. Currently, the book is No 1 bestseller in many categories on amazon.com with many glowing reviews. You can check it out and see for yourself.

I ordered for a copy of the book. Personally I’d love to know more about the first billionaire to be POTUS who is so eccentric and unpredictable and a Twitter master, yet so much loved by grassroots Americans who voted him against all odds.I hope to be enlightened by the book about the most controversial President in the world today. Feed me back on what you think about the book.

Rosalie Banks
Author of UNBOUND series

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Do you believe in sex demons? Well, whether you believe or not in their existence a beautiful NYPD Homicide Detective named Leila has her existence besieged and beleaguered by a night sex demon who will stop at nothing to impregnate her…

The riveting tale continues in UNBOUND #5 : Swift Shadows where Alan did unthinkable things to Leila and her boyfriend in the movie-erotica-short-fiction that will make you burn hot…

A snippet for our gothic fans


LEILA OPENED HER EYES and found herself in a forest of wild flowers. She took a moment to adjust to the scene which seemed intimately familiar to her.
A cry from the distance called her attention and Leila checked to see a man being hounded by hundreds of hooved beings.
Looking closer, a fear clutched at Leila’s heart.
“Leave him alone! Hey, let him go!”
She screamed at the horde of hooved beings that shortly ganged up on Dr. Fredrick, dragging him deep into the forest.
As she followed after them in despair, a figure emerged from the forest and commanded the horde.
“Bring him here”
Leila rushed to the figure to plead for her boyfriend but found him to be unreachable. A gulf of blackness pushed Leila back every time she tried to reach over to the figure.
The figure, which now attained the form of a beastly incubus, stood tall in the clearing.
“I told you I’d make you suffer for touching my bride, didn’t I? Now you are at my mercy and I have none to give”
The incubus spoke directly to a beleaguered Dr. Fredrick who looked spent in the rough hands of his captors.
“Please let him go, Alan.” Leila begged the incubus, going to him, the gulf lifted between them.
“I will give you anything. Just ask. Let him go for my sake please. He is innocent”
Tears flowed freely on her face and this stirred Alan into fury.
“No!” He thundered “Don’t plead for him. It makes me mad”
Leila fell on her knees in front of the phantom beast, her voice broken with pain.
“Ask me for anything Alan. I will give you my soul. Just don’t hurt him. Please!”
The incubus, visibly angry, made a hand gesture to the horde of hooved beings and they all pounced on Dr. Fredrick; biting, licking, pinching, chewing and caressing him all over.
The scene looked like a jungle rape to Leila who watched with disbelief as the phantom beings did unthinkable things to Dr. Fred’s body.
They hung him in the air and explored his body like a prize; touching, biting, pinching, licking and screwing him all over.
Leila closed her eyes when one of the hooved aliens put Dr. Fredrick’s cock in his mouth to pump on in wanton erotic punishment. As he released the limp pipe from his mouth, another phantom animal took it and did more terrible act on it….

UNBOUND #6 – Hypnotic Slivers

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Dr. Fredrick Lumen sat opposite his patient, his attention focused on her face as his voice percolated her conscious psyche.
Shortly, he observed Leila transported to the other realm and began his exploration.
“Where do you see yourself?”
“I don’t know. Looks familiar though” Leila replied, her voice far away.
“Look closely Leila. Take your time”
“There are flowers all around. Looks like a garden, an ancient garden”
“Tell me more. Are you alone?”
“Yes. But I don’t feel alone”
Leila saw herself in a field of wild flowers that stretched to the distance. She walked around, fascinated by the ethereal world of flowers and butterflies.
A panorama arrested her attention and Leila suddenly found herself before a golden waterfall.
“Woah! This is divine”
Leila looked up at the waterfall and became mesmerized. Its gold cascade fell in steamy torrents onto a pool of gold water, filled with gold fishes with many resplendent flecks.
She moved near the gold pool and dipped her hand inside. The water felt warm to touch and she scooped some in her hand and drank.
As Leila squatted near the pool, a figure suddenly emerged from the water and rose in air.
Affrighted, Leila fell back and watched as the figure moved on her, its form cloudy and corporeal in a paradox that seized her voice.
“What do you see Leila? Tell me what you see? What is it Leila? Tell me damn it!”
Dr. Fredrick probed Leila where she lay cold on the couch, her eyes lost in the cloud. He didn’t want her to lose hold on the hypnosis line or she might be sucked in onto the phantom’s world.
He held her hand and pinched it with a pin he had nearby.
“C’mon Leila. Talk to me. Who is there with you? What do you see?”
Leila didn’t respond to the pin prick or to any stimuli exerted on her by Dr. Fred. Her mind had transported to Mesopotamia, to the ancient days of precious stones and red roses.
At the pool of gold water where Leila found herself a captive of a terrible wraith, all her senses became transfixed on the figure that stood before her, wet and wrathful.
His face presently coagulated and Leila saw him again, a bolt driven through her heart.
A gust of wind swept Leila off her feet and thrust her in space, twirling with great speed through a black tunnel.
Inside this black tornado, Leila felt her body lifted in a diaphanous haze and in its soft tunnel a hundred wet fingers peeled off her clothes from her body.
Leila’s clothes had scarcely left her body when the same hundred wet fingers grabbed and groped her; fondling her big boobs, rubbing her body, her hair, her ass, her crotch, her legs, her feet- all at the same time…

UNBOUND – Night Entrapment


After watching TV for some time where she sat drinking coffee, Leila soon fell into boredom and before she could control it, a deep slumber overcame her.
As soon as her eyes closed, Alan materialized from the shadows, his incubus sheath semi luminous in the haze of the room.
He looked around, at the burning incense and white rose petals, and laughed.
“White rose petals to do what to me? Entrap me? Can the wind be trapped? Ah! Ah! Ah!”
With a gesture of his hand, all the white rose petals turned red and every other thing became still. The digital wall clock remained static at 12:33 AM.
Alan again pointed at Leila where she lay on the armchair and she became lifted in space. He brought her down to lie on the bed and breathed on her body. This peeled off her cloth from her body and she lay naked on the bed, sexy like a virgin goddess on her betrothal night.
Seeing Leila naked almost made Alan delirious as his body trembled where he stood, his entire body tattoo burning on him. His cock hung limply against his groin, half turgid and vengeful.
“Most beautiful Rose in Solomon’s Garden” He enthused in lust rapture, his wings shimmering softly in the shadows.
Alan moved on Leila and sniffed all over her body. His pointed nose travelled all over her mounds, between her cleavage, under her armpits, under her big boobs, over her studded navel and over her blonde pubes.
As he sniffed all over Leila, Alan massaged his cock with practiced affection, the beast on leash poised to attack.
Leila twined on the bed as Alan explored her body with intimacy that reached her innermost essence. Unconscious of the stranger in her bedroom who held her body captive under a sex spell, her mind exited to the world of dream that became a reality of high definition fantasy.
“Touch me. Tease me. Love me. Do me. Eat me”
She begged in her sleep, overridden by impulses too treacherous to control…

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UNBOUND – a succubus tale of lust and vengeance




Alan, 2000 years old incubus, has found his way to Manhattan, NYC to search for Leila, his soulmate who he is sworn to betroth at all cost and make his eternal love slave.

Leila, now a beautiful homicide detective in NYPD,  must do all in her power to resist the nightly seduction of an avenging incubus with powers to command and the will to win.

Her salvation and only hope lies in a being of light – Angel Fredrick sent from heaven to thwart a terrible destiny from unfolding on the world.

The riveting tale of lust, vengeance, BDSM, blood and sex is told in UNBOUND by Rosalie Banks.

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